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Our intention is that:

Children feel valued, safe and secure, giving them the confidence to develop their independence, creative thinking, perseverance and sense of self worth, which in turn will enhance the foundations of learning for their entire lives.

Our curriculum is developed through listening and observing the interests of each child, supported by conversations, negotiation, respect and encouragement of the ideas and beliefs of children and adults alike. We work hard to offer provision that is rich in possibilities, providing children with exciting opportunities for discovery.

Children are given freedom to explore their interests, enabling them to make sense of the world in which they live.  Children feel safe and are encouraged to experiment, are listened to and supported, resulting in high levels of self-esteem and engagement. 

Children are supported to develop the basic skills needed in order to read, write and explore the world of numbers using their day to day play. We incorporate the culturally diverse nature of our world, developing children’s awareness of individuality and respect for others.

Our preschool family is continually learning. Our aim is to learn alongside each other, developing close partnerships between parents and practitioners to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children. We appreciate parents being the first educators and the most important part of a child’s journey, we invite active involvement in their child’s learning - actively promoting strong links between home and preschool. 

How is this implemented?

We have very clear safety guidelines in place to ensure that the children are safe at Preschool. Each child has a key worker and a buddy, which provides continuity and stability. Children and staff develop a strong bond, ensuring that the children's wellbeing and developmental needs are met.

We develop each child’s individual learning through observing and listening to their interests and extending their spontaneous play. Their ideas and interests also contribute toward our long term planning.  We provide enriching and stimulating learning experiences, extending children’s development in all seven areas of the statutory framework with inclusion at its heart.

We have a strong focus on teaching the children to be independent learners. During their time with us we role model good social skills, conversations using an enriched vocabulary and support the development of both gross and fine motor skills throughout the day.

Our activities follow the interests of the children and are based around the EYFS framework.

We share information with parents in lots of different ways. The use of Evidence me learning journals ensures that each child’s progress and developmental needs are documented for parents to see. In turn, parents are encouraged to add to the online journal so that it becomes a two way process. We have an open door policy for all parents to pop in and join us and we invite them to bring in  their own experiences and talents. We have a closed Facebook page for parents and actively use messenger to share moments throughout the day with our individual families, this also forms a two way opportunity to share special moments and information. Newsletters are shared with parents to keep them up to date. These include important messages, guidance for parents and forthcoming events.

What is the impact of our way of working?

Children feel safe and secure. This is demonstrated by the progress seen in children’s levels of well-being and involvement as the year progresses.

As our activities have been initiated by the children, this results in high levels of involvement, creative thinking, playing, exploring and active learning. We have a particularly strong positive impact on Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development; the prime areas of learning. The prime areas of learning together with Numeracy, literacy, understanding the world and expressive arts and design; the specific areas of learning are woven into everyday play. Children feel able to test their ideas, feel valued and listened to, and their confidence soars!


We have many positive comments from parents and carers about their child’s progress, our care and the support they receive from our setting.   

We are very proud of the learning environment we have created and the ethos we follow. The impact of which has benefited the  children and families who have been and are a part of our preschool family.

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